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Anise Oil for Deer Attractant

Anise is a flowering plant which is used for many various uses, mostly in Asian countries. It is also used for giving more flavor to food items of different cuisines and even used in some drink due to its licorice like taste. Anise is also majorly used in the form of essential oil as it is very aromatic.

Anise has many benefits, a research scientist had summarized up its benefits.


Deers have a strong sense of smell as they use it to protect themselves from any approaching animal. Hunters use this fact to their benefit and use attractants to lure deers close enough to shoot them. Hunters mostly use commercial attractants but more and more hunters have now started using essential oils for this purpose. Due to the sweet taste of anise, it is also used as a deer attractant as all deer attractants are either sweet or salty. Deer attractants are used to attract deers in order to hunt them down. Deers may react to the attractants in different ways; some come near it immediately while others act more cautious and stroll towards it with care. Both of these give the hunter good chances to fire a distant shot. It would be best to not wait to get the best shot at the deer as you may not know then it might gallop away, so take the first shot you get at it as you may not know then it might gallop away.


Anise oil works as an attractant for several animals, especially for bears but if used in an area widely populated with deers, it will work just as well for deers.


Guide to Preparing the Anise Attractant:

  1. Cut a piece of cloth, the size of an average rag.
  2. Place the cloth in a clean Ziploc bag.
  3. Pour 2 ounces of anise oil in the same Ziploc bag.
  4. When you reach the hunting ground, wipe your gear and hunting equipment with the anise oil soaked rag. This will prevent the deer from getting frightened of you as the anise will subside your natural human smell.
  5. Then, place the rag on a tree branch around where you will setup your spot for hunting.

To get the desired sweet smell in the attractant, some people add a small amount of vanilla essential oil to the anise oil before soaking the cloth rag in it.

Attractants won’t work on an area where deers don’t cross entirely. The scents don’t go till far and so, use it in a place where deers cross regularly, position yourself in a place where you know many deers would cross. Attractants are merely a bonus help for hunting deers, it makes the process a little easier but not entirely makes it struggle-less. Choose a day for hunting when the wind is slow and it isn’t raining as this kind of weather prevents the scent of the attractant from flowing to a maximum distance.