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Basil Essential Oil for Ear Infections

Basil leaves are also known as ‘King of Herbs’ due to its numerous beneficial qualities. Cultivated mostly in Asian countries, basil is used in many countries as an ingredient for dishes of several cuisines and also by herbalists. Aside from this, basil isn’t just used by herbalists; it is also used in many science based medicines as well. So now you have a slight idea of how important and beneficial this herb is for the human body.

Basil leaves are converted into the form of oil so people can use it easily in their homes. It is used in many home remedies as it helps to soothe or cure many diseases. You can get basil essential oil, powdered basil or fresh basil leaves easily as it is highly in demand throughout the world. All of the forms of basil are equal beneficial and so, you can choose which form you want it in depending on your purpose of usage.

Some of the many benefits of basil oil are listed below:


  • Basil is used for cosmetic purposes as its properties helps to prevent acne breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe itchiness on the skin and cure sores and eczema. A mixture of basil oil, fuller’s earth, and honey and lemon juice will help you get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Basil oil is also used for problems related to the digestive system. This includes fighting away the intense feeling of nausea, diarrhea or motion sickness, stomach aches can also be soothes with basil oil, indigestion and constipation is also cured with the help of basil oil. All this is because of the carminative properties of this herb.
  • Basil has been used by people with respiratory problems since a long time. It treats all types of cough, uncomfortable feeling and wheezing in the chest due to asthma attacks, asthma, bronchitis and bronchial cough, and sinus problems.
  • The anti-bacterial properties of the herb, basil, help to prevent growth of any type of bacteria in the body which causes infection. Applying basil oil on wounds, skin infections, gashes or any injury can help soothe the pain and prevent bacteria from entering your body through that wound.


How to Use Basil Oil To Treat Ear Infections


The last benefit of basil oil that is listed above is the reason why basil is the most commonly used herb amongst people suffering from ear infections or any sickness related to the ear. The ears are very sensitive and so, using any sort of medicine for them shall only be after doing proper research on how safe that medicine is. Even when using essential oils, you must be careful to not use drops of basil oil directly inside the ear. You can use the following remedy:


  1. In a small bowl, take equal amounts of bas coconut oil and blend them well.
  2. Soak a cotton bowl in this blend and squeeze out the excess oil blend from it.
  3. Wipe the area around your ear, inside your ear and behind your ear well with the cotton ball.