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Chaulmoogra butter

Chaulmoogra or “Hydnocarpus wightiana” as it is referred to scientifically, is a tree found in the regions of Southern Asia particularly in India. It is a member of Achariaceae family and like its family members, it is also widely used to serve many medicinal and skincare purposes.

It is obtained in the form of oil which is extracted from the seeds of this plant and is sold known locally as Chaulmoogra Butter or Chaulmoogra Oil. As a substance, it is a semi solid at room temperature with not a strong odor contrary to other conventional oils. It is known to contain stearic acid, oleic acid and hydnocarpic acid among many others. The presence of these acids make it of particular interest to our species and Chaulmoogra butter is commonly used for the following purposes:

• Used to heal bruises and cuts and cure kill any germs and infections associated with open wounds.
• Used to cure skin rashes
• Used to cure sprains and by rubbing on the affected area hence leading to soothing of the muscles
• It is used as a general ant bacterial and antiseptic liquid in some countries
• One of the more common uses of this oil is its usage in manufacturing odor free soap

All of these and much more uses make this a highly valuable product hence it forms a good chunk of the exports of the country where it is naturally found.