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Clove Oil for Tooth Infections

Oral hygiene is very necessary, not just because it helps to maintain attractive white teeth, but also because it improves your overall health. Maintaining a good dental hygiene can prevent one from many diseases which surprisingly even include major diseases such as heart diseases, HIV, diabetes, stroke, etc. It also prevents bad mouth odor, enamel erosion, tooth sensitivity, teeth infection, gum related conditions, etc. This is all the reason you need to start practicing a better hygiene routine for your teeth and mouth.

To prevent tooth infections, or if you are already suffering from tooth infections, it would be best to make use of home remedies to prevent the infections of boost its treatment. There are many remedies out there which work amazingly but one of the most commonly used products for this purpose is clove oil. Cloves are exceptionally beneficial for the teeth as it is known for relieving pain as well. So, using clove oil isn’t just going to help cure your tooth infection but it will also act as a painkiller to soothe any toothache you might have. You can use grounded or powdered clove as well but majority of people prefer using clove oil instead to refrain from messy situations.


Clove Oil Application Method:

  1. Mix few drops of clove oil with half a teaspoon of olive oil and blend them together in a bowl or container.
  2. Rinse your mouth well with water so the oil can soak into your gums and teeth well.
  3. Soak a cotton ball or cotton swab in the oil and dab it on the affected area.


Causes of Tooth Infection:

  1. An injury to the tooth such as a crack, which may be caused due to the person getting in any kind of accident, can cause bacteria to penetrate into the wound, causing tooth infection.
  2. Most of the over the counter methods for teeth whitening contain chemicals that can make your teeth easily sensitive or lead to tooth infection.
  3. Some dental treatment methods such as root canal, crown placement, tooth cleaning or tooth filling may in some cases, cause tooth infections if done without proper care of hygiene.
  4. Excessively eating highly acidic food. These can cause erosion of your enamel which in turn, increases the sensitivity level of your teeth or infections.
  5. Decaying of the tooth always leads to infection of pulp which is located in the center of the tooth.
  6. Teeth are meant to last even after a person dies but poor hygiene can easily damage the teeth and cause sensitivity and worse conditions. Not brushing your teeth indicates poor hygiene which means the chances of tooth infection increases.


In order to avoid tooth infections from occurring again in the future, you should take proper care of your teeth and maintain your dental hygiene. Proper brushing of your teeth, using mouthwashes, regular flossing after every meal, refraining from eating too much of sugary foods, etc.