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Costus root oil

The Costus root oil is organic oil which is extracted from the roots of the Costus plant.The costus plant is the perennial plant which grows up to a height of between through of 1.5-2 meters. The steam distillation method is commonly used to extract this oil from costus root.The costus root oil has the delicate, soft and warm odor.The Costus root is a yellowish woody part, and it is used to make perfume and also a culinary spice.
This oil is basically used in perfumes, as a hair rinse, and also used as incenses. Additionally, is used stimulate the life energy and also enhancing the function of the digestive. Also, it helps to improve appetite, and more importantly it treats swelling, abdominal pain and also vomiting. It aids to treat the digestive problems like gas and also asthma, cholera, dysentery, and cough. Since it aids people in being energetic or it helps to stimulate people, it is more used by people who mostly engaged in intense workouts and also exercise.
The costus root oil also helps in treating the people who are infected by sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, also infection like eye ailments, and also common cold. Additionally, it functions as an effective laxative of increasing bowel movement. Costus root oil is also used to treat skin diseases, edema, dyspepsia, rheumatism, bronchial asthma and also gas.

The following are Health benefits of Costus root oil

Costus root oil has grainy and also woodsy smell in a light brown or yellow color. It possesses antispasmodic, bactericidal, tonic, antiseptic, carminative, hypotensive, antiviral, stimulant, digestive, expectorant, febrifuge, and also stomachic properties. It is also used as a strong flavoring agent in confectionery, soft drinks, and also alcoholic drinks.
1. Aids immune system

Costus root oil aids to immune system strengthening by the eliminating bad germs, bacteria, and also infections. It is has a great help for the ones who suffer bronchitis, asthma, and also chronic coughs. It marginally increases the pressure of the blood and also increases ventricles amplitude and also contraction force.
2. Assist digestion

Costus root oil cleanses the digestive tract and also promotes digestion. Through the use of some drops of the oil in a warm tea help digestive functions.
3. Skin health

Costus root oil helps slow down within a short time the aging process. It neutralizes the free radicals which cause for lines, age spots and also loose skin. It is also very helpful in skin ailments like psoriasis, dandruff and also eczema. And more important helps to treat skin inflammation.
4. Ointment

The properties healing of Costus root oil aids to healing scraps, scratches, scabs, bug bites, ingrown toenails and also cuts. It gets rid of bacteria and also infections of an open wound.
5. Prevent cholera

The infusion of Costus root oil into the water aids to treat this condition. Costus root oil produces reflex inhibition because of stimulating properties. The depressant properties offer relief from the cholera spasm.
Cure ulcers

Costus root oil is of great help to severe ulcers. The dried root and also powdered is used as an astringent ointment and also stimulant.
7. Speed up healing process

The Costus root oil also helps to endorse the process of healing and also prevent the high chances of the infections