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Cranberry oil

Overview Cranberry oil

Cranberry is a dwarf greenish trailing vine having upright branches with leaves that are spotted underneath, it is mainly cultivated in Europe, USA, Canada, and Chile. They are a low and creepy vine with a length of about 7 feels and high of about 2-8 inches. The stem  has a slender and wiry stem. The fruit is larger than the leave of the plant and you will find the cranberry seed inside the fruit. The purpose of writing this article is to inform you able the health benefits of cranberry seed.


What makes cranberry seed oil generally desired is because it is an oil that is highly antioxidant and it has an equal ration of omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids. Because of the omega 3, image 6 fatty acids present in cranberry oil, it serves as a good moisturizer when applied on the skin. The skin can easily absorb high antioxidant substance in the oil to fight stubborn bacteria and infection on your skin. Due to the health important, the oil is used for many purposes as modern day scientists has started studying the cranberry seed oil due to the high level of antioxidant and the perfect ratio of omega 3 fatty acid to solve many health issues.

Health benefits of Cranberry oil


1. Anti-Aging Secret:

Cranberry seed oil is a good remedy for the aging of skin because of the high composition of antioxidants which are fatty acid and vitamins E. This antioxidant help to reduce the elasticity in your skin and boost collagen. So your skin becomes firm and your youthful skin is restored each time you apply the cranberry oil on your skin.


2. Protects your skin from the sun:
when you apply the oil on your skin, it has a way of shielding your skin from the effect of the sun rays.


3. Effective Moisturiser:

because of the perfect ratio of omega 3 fatty acid, the antioxidants can easily be absorbed when applied to lubricate your skin.


4. Healthy scalp and hair.:

due to the presence of vitamin E and fatty acid, cranberry oil help fights dandruff and promote shining hair and moisturize the scalp. That is my many cosmetic manufacturers add cranberry seed oil to their hair cream and shampoo to make it highly effective.


6. Massage oil:

this oil is one of the best oil for massage because of the presence of vitamin E and the high moisturizing effect that beautifies skin.


7. Soothes Sensitive Skin:

if you have a skin that is prone to irritations and inflation or any kind of infection, cranberry seed oil is highly recommended for you as it will help your skin fight against redness of the skin and inflammation of any form of infection.



Only some of the benefits were mentioned here, there are other benefits. The seed can also be used to treat various ailments and diseases. Cranberry seed oil has an attractive and natural smell that it is perfect for food as well. I decided to focus the benefit of skin and hair to make the contents brief. I will be discussing more on Cranberry seed oil in subsequent articles.