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Dhupu butter

Dhupu butter, also referred to as Malabar Tallow, is a type of butter obtained from a majestic tree called bacteria India in India. It has properties that are comparable to those of cocoa and frequently used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Some of its properties include emollient, superior oxidative stability, and good spreadability.

It is a white semi-solid with a high composition of palmitic, oleic, stearic, linoleic, and arachidic acids. It is commonly used for making soaps in India, skin softening, hair care, and protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun. Some of its health benefits include:

1. Used as a remedy for rheumatism. It reduces inflammation in fibrous tissues, joints, and muscles.

2. Used as remedy against epidermal pains

3. Its use limits the effects caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun thus limiting skin diseases such as skin cancer.

4. Assist in softening of a dry skin. It moisturizes the skin thereby enhancing skin care.