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Hemp Butter

Hemp Butter is rather new in the market. We have heard of Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter and others of the same kind but Hemp Butter has just been introduced some time ago. Hemp Butter is made from the Hemp seeds which come from the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa).

It is also known as Hemp seed Oil or Hempseed Butter. The color of the Hemp butter is mostly dark green because of the presence of huge amounts of chlorophyll in it.

Benefits: There are a number of benefits of Hemp Seed Butter:
1. It contains 24% of proteins.
2. It has some very good fatty acids which have so many health benefits for the consumer.4
3. It has a huge amount of chlorophyll which contains enzymes and minerals which are very good for the human body.
4. It has antibodies which prevent harmful bacteria from attacking the body and saves us from several skin allergies.
5. It also has hormones which are necessary for the processes of or bodies to function properly.
6. It also contains all the 21 known amino acids.

There is a simple procedure of processing oil/butter from the Hemp seeds, which is just by pressing them to extract the oil from the seeds. The Hemp oil/butter is now also available in the markets, which saves us from this hassle. The Butter can be used as a lotion to benefit your skin or you can intake it as well with almost anything the other butter are used with. It tastes great with honey and is one of the best protein providing butter we will ever discover