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Kokum Butter for Hair

Kokum butter for hair is known for its healing effects for different ailments in human body. The butter is derived from the ripe fruit whose real name is Garcina Indica Tree. The butter extracted from this tree resembles the cocoa butter. It is important to note that this butter is little bit dry but it is easy to apply on the skin. The therapeutic properties of this butter are based on its oxidation ability and emollient properties present on it. The butter is available in form of lip balm, lotions for the skin and hair as well as soap. Therefore, it heath benefits are not limited to the hair but to other parts on the body.

Uses of kokum butter for hair

  • Hair conditioner

Kokum butter for hair is effective when used as hair conditioner. The butter becomes a good replacement for the artificially processed hair conditioners available in the market. For best results, it is advisable to rub the butter on the hair and massage gently through the scalp. This should be done after rinsing the hair for the final time. This conditioner helps in making the soft and easy to comb. This makes it ideal for frizzy hair as it softens it.

  • Hair strengthener

The butter is important for the people with weak hair that breaks easily. In this case, the butter should be mixed with the natural hair oils and massaged on the hair as well as the scalp. The butter is effective in strengthening the hair right from the roots hence preventing breakage.

  • Hair nourishment

The kokum butter is great for hair and scalp nourishment. The butter does not clog the pores of the scalp but penetrates in the scalp releasing its natural nutrients for the health of the hair. This is made possible by its oxidation ability that enhances the oxygenation of the cells hence making the nutrients easily accessible by the hair. This makes the butter essential for short hair for enhanced growth.

Uses of kokum butter on the skin

The kokum butter is ideal for skin care. Here are its uses;

  • Skin moisturizer

The butter moisturizes the skin making it smooth and soft. This makes it ideal for dry and chapped skin in keeping it moisturized all day long. Though the butter is a bit dry, it gets absorbed in the skin immediately after it is applied.

  • Lip balm

People who frequently suffer from cracked lips can benefit from the kokum butter. It is natural and pure hence safe to use on the lips where it moisturizes them keeping them soft and smooth while healing the existing cracks.

  • Heals cuts, wounds and bruises

The butter accelerates the natural healing process of cuts, wounds and bruises present on the skin. When applied on the open skin, it kills the existing germs leading to healing.

  • Prevents wrinkles

The butter prevents the formation of wrinkles brought about by the aging process. In this case, the butter enhances generation of new skin cells that rejuvenates the skin continuously hence giving no chance for the wrinkles to develop.


Kokum butter for hair is a must to have in the cosmetic kit. This is because it is not only useful for the hair but for the skin too. You can get it as hair conditioner, hair oil, lip balm and body lotion hence having a complete set for the hair and skin care the natural way.