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kpangnan butter what is kpangnan butter


When it comes to natural butter it would only be naïve not to talk of kpangnan butter, which originate from the African butter tree. This unique tree also known as pentadesma butyracea only grows in the African rain forest and the riverbank forests in west Africa in central Togo.

The tree is very important to the Africans because its various parts are also used for different purposes including food, medicine and most resent it is used to produce skin care products. It is important to note that the tree has also some cultural meaning to Africans in central to go and some ritual are performed under the tree.

kpangnan butter is extracted from the African butter tree seeds and has a rich profile of fatty acids making the butter a very important ingredient in the manufacture of skin care products. The butter also has the distinctive feature of having an extremely smooth texture. All these qualities can clearly show you why this African natural butter is making a mark in the cosmetics industry.

The Uses of kpangnan butter


After many years of research and a lot of investment in trying to establish what the butter could best produce, it was discovered that kpangnan butter contains very high amounts of stigmasterol. This is an unsaturated plant sterol that contains anti-inflammatory agents, hence providing the skin with relaxed smooth texture. This is the only other butter that has the same qualities with the Shea butter and the cocoa butter that are also found in Africa.

After the research on the nutritional contents found in the butter can produce body lotions that are healthier and are not made from chemically produced elements. The butter is used to produce hydrate hand crème which has a smooth texture and has a weightless moisture coverage. These are very a unique ability the butter is able to create a barrier of nutrients and prevent moisture loss thus keeping the skin rigid and firm This attribute prevents skin ageing and ensure the skin is healthy and well protected.

kpangnan butter for local support

As we mention the use of the butter I find it wise to note the importance of the butter to different Groups of people. The first group of people that feels the direct impact of the butter are the African men, women and children who work tirelessly to ensure that the butter is extracted from the seeds. It is a source of employment for them and they know how important the product is to them.

We also have the consumer who uses products made using this butter. They include models and many individuals who keep their skins healthy and protected thanks to the kpangnan butter products.

These are the two major beneficiaries of the butter and am sure if you want to keep your skin tender, smooth and healthy you need need to own this product and use it repeatedly. It will make your skin better and ensure that your body is simply getting the best care it could find.