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Medical Hemp Oil Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is ranked among the world’s most deadly diseases, being the primary cause of millions of deaths every year. Cells in a particular part of the body develop and reproduce in an uncontrollable manner in a medical condition. These cells maneuver through and damage the already existing healthy tissues and organs.


In many cases, the cancerous cells begin by attacking one part of the body, and the advance to other areas, spreading the damage as it moves along. The four common kinds of cancer include breast cancer, lung, and prostate and bowel cancer. However, these only represent a fraction of the types of cancer in existence today because there are more than 200 types of cancer.

Hemp essential oil is ideally new in the market, with the potential of turning out to become a significant boost to the wide range of aromatherapy oils utilized by therapists. This can be attributed to the astonishing scope its therapeutic benefits identified and medical uses. Hemp essential oil is a genuine holistic oil that performs best at both emotional and physical levels, offering a wide range of health-enhancing advantages. Even though the oil is derived from the Cannabis Sativa L, it should not be confused with marijuana because of the similarities in the shape of the leaves.

Hemp oils can be considered as a miracle substance under numerous occasions. It appears to have cured some individuals from diabetes, depression, pain, anxiety and even turmoil cancer.

A study conducted at Harvard, April 2007, indicates that the active ingredient in hemp cuts down on the growth of the tumor by more than half, and at the same time adversely minimizing the ability of cancerous cells to spread in the body.  In 1998, a medical research team in Madrid discovered that Hemp oil could selectively induce the death of tumor cells in the brain without affecting the surrounding cells in any negative way. This report was highlighted in the Natural Medicine Journal that synthetic hemp oil got rid of malignant brain tumors.

So, how does this oil work? It takes a normal individual an average of ninety days to successfully ingest the entire sixty ml or sixty-gram oil treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that one sticks to starting his or her dose with as little as three doses a day. This is about the half size of a short dried rice.

  • The patient has to take the prescribed dose three times a day, often at eight-hour intervals. He or she may begin by taking the first dose early in the morning, the second dose some time in the afternoon, and the final dose just about an hour before retiring to bed.
  • As time goes by, after four days of taking three doses a day, you can then gradually increase this dose at intervals of four days.
  • It would take an average individual three to five weeks to comfortably ingest close to one gram in a day.
  • However, it is mandatory to take note that different individuals have different tolerance rates for various drugs. It is also proven that the general body mass index has little to contribute when it comes to the amount of drug one can take. Therefore, children can take the same amount of dose like adults without experiencing any side effects.

Even so, as you prepare to commence with this ninety-day dose, remember that this drug will possibly lower your blood pressure, and therefore need to be watchful of your diet, and other daily activities among other things. Always consult with a medical specialist before you start taking this medication.