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Orris Oil

Orris Oil (also known as Orris Butter) is one of nature’s sweeter gifts extracted from the roots of the lovely flowering Iris tree. There are many species of this plant, but two species are most favored: the German iris and the Florentine Iris. These plants grow wild in the North Temperate Zone, although they are also domesticated in some North American gardens.

This essential oil is a natural healer guaranteed to bring you vitality, everlasting beauty, excellent health and happiness. There are many other oils out there, but this is a people’s favorite. Its captivatingly tantalizing combination of a floral-woody aroma tells you why.

Although it is widely used in the perfume industry, it is also commonly used in soaps and lotions. People commonly use it as a home remedy due to its healing properties. Ladies favor it especially because of its beauty enhancing properties to acquire that silky smooth skin and other benefits we will discuss here.

1. Excellent Anti-inflammatory agent

Orris Oil is a great home remedy for inflammation of the skin. Inflammation is common following an injury or irritation. This essential oil will give you complete relief after periodic topical application. It comes especially handy when you have sensitive skin.

2. Broad Spectrum Antibacterial and antifungal

This essential oil presents a great addition to getting rid of ringworms, and acne. Repeated use of this oil will also help keep them at bay.

3. Great Anti-carcinogenic

With cancer rising at an alarming rate worldwide, you may want to consider having a bit of this essential oil in your food. It contains anti-cancer properties that will prevent cancer from developing within your body cells.

4. Amazing Astringent

This oil is great for helping improve the appearance of oily skin. Its potent compounds will rid your skin of oiliness and leave it with a dry and soft feel. This will also ultimately help ease other condition such as acne.

5. Moisturizer for Your Skin

If you suffer from dry skin, then this essential oil is a great emollient for you. Capable of trapping moisture in your skin leaving it fresh and moisturized all day long. A regular use of this will result in a softer and smoother skin that you will fall in love with. You can also add a few drops to your conventional moisturizer for the same effect.

6. Great for Your Hair and Scalp

This oil will leave your hair feeling soft and silky. Thanks to its potent moisturizing properties, it will penetrate each and every treasured strand of your hair getting rid of dryness and cracks. This will also leave your hair stronger and reduce hair breakage.

7. Heavenly Scent

This oil has a very sweet scent as an added benefit. So not only will it take good care of your skin and hair, it will also give you a fresh smell all day long. Aromatherapy never smelled this good.


Being a potent oil, experts suggest you dilute it with other oils to avoid any unpleasant effects. You can easily add it to your beauty creams, soaps and shampoos for an enhanced effect. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, you get rid of nasty bacterial and fungal agents at the same time.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are, however, advised not to use this oil.